Business growth through digital marketing

With thirty years of marketing experience, twenty one years of web technology experimentation and 18 years of business ownership, Mike Watson is ideally placed to help and guide you along the business development process using digital marketing technology and ‘nocode’ application solutions.​

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How we can help.

Marketing Audit

What do you currently do? What should you be doing? What are your competitors doing? An audit can tell you all you need to know about how you should take things forward.

Website creation

Build your website to be the centre of your marketing strategy. Connect the correct digital tools to drive interest to your website and use your content and technology to seal the deal.

Email Marketing

Communicating with your clients and potential clients on how you can help them is becoming increasingly easier using email marketing techniques and technology.

Social media

Don't just make noise on the internet. Manage your social media to drive traffic to your website and build trust along the way.


Search engine optimisation can make or break a local business. How do you compare with your competitors with specific search terms?


Just how does it all fit together? Marketing, the WWW, web technology? Coaching can help leverage what you have by looking at the big picture and helping you decide what you should be doing.

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