Why I built ‘’

Yes, it’s an experiment, but an experiment with a few variables and reasons behind its creation. “Cullen Skink?” Cullen Skink is basically a fish soup made with smoked fish, potatoes, onion and cream/milk which was created in the small town of Cullen in the North East of Scotland. I was born and raised 5 miles

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So what is the difference between and

It is quite easy to get these quite separate products mixed up especially when at the core they are very similar. Let’s start with Chances are that when someone says they have a WordPress website then they mean they have used the open source software available from WordPress which you can download from

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Developing the Career Goldminer business

I have known Thor Holt for many years and have watched his career develop from presentation coach to include personal development and career consulting for senior managers, mainly in the Oil & Gas sector. Thor has very good interactions and comments on his LinkedIn profile, which is his main social media outlet, which makes sense

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Deliver online video course with Thinkific

Have you always wanted to quit your 9 to 5 and go out on your own? The new creator economy is allowing this to happen by giving you the tools to become your own boss and leave your mark on this world. Therefore, it’s time to join over 50k creators and check out Thinkific. A

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Test Drive – ZOHO SalesIQ

Live chat on your website can be a contentious issue. Some people hate the popup box and see it as an intrusion while others may see it as the opportunity to get more help if they need it. Think about if your website were a bricks and mortar operation and a potential customer walked in.

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What tools do you need to build a quick website?

At the end of January 2021 Indie Hackers (@Indiehackers) tweeted – Now with 145 responses from their nearly 60,000 followers this is a piece of research you can get behind. Other aspects that make sense in building a quick website is that they include hosting, custom domain support, a variety of themes and integration support

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Best tools for first time community builders?

Twitter is a great place to find opinions on business and marketing tools that work and those that may be out of favour. Obviously it does depend on the user case but reading tweet based opinions can be very informative. Here is Sam Parr, CEO of The Hustle’s thoughts on whether Slack is a good

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