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I have known Thor Holt for many years and have watched his career develop from presentation coach to include personal development and career consulting for senior managers, mainly in the Oil & Gas sector.

Thor has very good interactions and comments on his LinkedIn profile, which is his main social media outlet, which makes sense considering his target market.

However, one thing that struck me was that he had no email marketing strategy and did not capture potential subscribers when they eventually dropped in to his website.

During our subsequent discussions about how to develop his brand and revenue opportunities we started to implement an email marketing strategy to build a larger audience.

So why would people subscribe and was there a direct benefit for them in giving him their email address?

We developed two lead magnet products to encourage subscription, the ‘Captain Your Career Checklist’ and ‘Fifteen Interview Tips to Land Your Next Role’.

The mailing list started to build nicely because the subscribers were getting valuable information in return, but I was still focussing on how to use this attention to build another income over and above his consulting fees. A ‘passive income’ if you like.

It was then that was born.

The idea was simple, we would distill Thor’s career coaching into a series of videos and sell the results as a training package and market it under Career Goldminer, as Thor was keen to not pigeon hole himself in the career consulting and interview preparation sector.

Thor enlisted the skills of a local videographer and over the course of two days created a series of three videos on how to prepare for interviews.

In the meantime I built the website and selected Thinkific as the platform to deliver and manage the payments for the course.

Why Thinkific?

I debated the idea of building the whole course management solution in WordPress, using LearnDash as the key component, but chose to go with an existing SaaS solution simply because it was much easier and Thinkific have a version of their software that takes a percentage of sales as opposed to a monthly fee.

This was a great solution for us as we didn’t want to commit to monthly fees for a platform until we saw confirmation that sales would outstrip costs.

In summary it made far more sense to use an existing SaaS tool that build the whole learning platform from scratch using WordPress plugins.

Selecting the right tools is essential for developing an online business rather than just deciding to use plugins at what ever cost.

Tools used in this build were –

Astra Theme

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