Nespresso – their Aberdeen retail unit has closed, but I’m still a fan


When you are sad to see a retail establishment close down, what does that say about your allegiance to the brand?

You are likely familiar with Nespresso, the coffee pod company owned by Nestlé. Their high-profile advertising campaigns featuring George Clooney, have contributed to their fame. However, Nespresso is more than just a quick commodity purchase when you’re craving a coffee.

Have you ever entered one of their ‘retail experiences’ or, simply put, their shops? It is nothing short of a treat and offers a masterclass in customer service. That’s why I’m disheartened that they’ve decided to close the Aberdeen outlet.

My first encounter with Nespresso’s exceptional customer service was at their Multrees Walk shop in Edinburgh. Staying in a rented flat with a Nespresso machine, we decided to seek advice on different types of pods, rather than buying them at a supermarket. 

Although you can buy compatible older style capsules in the supermarket, you can only buy the new style Vertuo direct from Nespresso, which underlines their desire to be a Direct To Consumer (DTC) brand

Nespresso’s strategy isn’t merely about selling coffee. It’s about creating lifelong loyalty through exceptional customer service. They aim to cultivate enduring relationships by offering:

– Superior quality products – both the machines and the coffee 

– A brand association with celebrities like George Clooney

– Sleek machine designs and higher prices that resonate with Apple’s aesthetics

– A ‘flywheel’ ecosystem that ensures customers keep coming back

– A dedicated system for recycling their used pods

The path is simple yet addictive: buy a machine – buy some coffee pods – enjoy the coffee – buy more coffee pods, and perhaps some Nespresso cups too. Once you are hooked, the ecosystem provides consistently good coffee at the touch of a button, with the convenience of ordering through an app.

Nespresso understands what it means to become part of a consumer’s lifestyle and has borrowed heavily from Apple’s playbook. 

Both share three main concepts:

– Quality of experience

– Design aesthetics

– Ease of accessibility and ownership pride

Nespresso understands that appearance matters, and if a machine is to grace your kitchen, it should look good.

The overall experience of being part of Nespresso’s ecosystem is unforgettable. My personal enjoyment of the Nespresso experience was heightened by the well-informed and entertaining staff. At that point, we felt part of the Nespresso family, a feeling rekindled each time we visited the Aberdeen Nespresso stand in Union Square.

Nespresso’s closure in Aberdeen is not just the loss of a retail outlet, it’s the disappearance of a unique customer experience that blends quality, design, education, and engagement. 

The brand has managed to transform a simple coffee purchase into a comprehensive lifestyle choice, much like Apple in the tech world. The loss of this particular stand represents the disappearance of a place where customers could feel part of a broader coffee-loving community, engaging with staff, and sharing a passion for the product. 

It’s a poignant reminder that businesses are not just about products but the relationships and experiences they foster.

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