Solid research into what’s hot and what’s not?


Prolific investor Jason Calacanis (@calacanis) recently tweeted asking what indispensable SaaS products his followers had started using in 2021, while also asking what SaaS products they had stopped using.

It proves for interesting reading and in my mind provides insight into what tools people are really using to help streamline their business and marketing tasks.

It’s worth reading the whole thread but my takeaways are –

Notion (@NotionHQ) is on the up while Evernote (Evernote) seems on the way down along with the email app.

Other positive showings came from note-taking tool Roam (@RoamResearch) and online collaborative whiteboard platform Miro (@MiroHQ).

I am currently working my way through the list to see what else is hot. Have you picked up on any?

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