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Live chat on your website can be a contentious issue.

Some people hate the popup box and see it as an intrusion while others may see it as the opportunity to get more help if they need it.

Think about if your website were a bricks and mortar operation and a potential customer walked in. Would you totally ignore them and hope that they filled out some sort of form as they were leaving?

Having said this, it’s fair to say that certain customers are happy to be left alone in a retail establishment, but you can quite easily learn if you should leave them alone or if they need help.

It’s the same for your website, general popup chat boxes are just there for the visitor to ask a question if they need to, but what about chat box software that literally tracked the user journey and can pop up to ask the user if they need specific help while on a certain page, or after visiting a certain series of pages?

Would visitors find it creepy that you are literally watching their movements as they navigate your site or is it just the next level of customer service? They certainly would find it creepy if you followed them around a retail store.. 🙂

But the good thing is that you are essentially invisible when you track them on a website.

ZOHO’s SalesIQ software does the later and purports to be “Hassle-free live chat for customer support & business growth”.

I have been experimenting with SaaS software for years to the extent where I generally don’t continue the agreement once the trial period is over, but I plan on continuing my relationship with ZOHO, through their ZOHO One package. I will cover this in other posts but it certainly seems like the deal of the century for micro SMEs at the amazing price of £30 per user per month.

So what happens once you install SalesIQ?

If you run a WordPress site then you install the SalesIQ plugin, activate it and paste in some lines of code you get from your SalesIQ account.

Copy the code you see in the box into the box in the plugin page on your WordPress website
Paste the SalesIQ code in the box, save and wait a few minutes.

At this stage you do not need to interact with the WordPress side of things as all the action will appear in your SalesIQ account. So after a few minutes take a look at your SalesIQ account page and you will see something like this –

One visitor on the site!

Clicking on the icon for this visitor (which is currently showing the country of origin and time on site) you can see more detail in the user journey on your site like this –

On this page you can see the pages visited on the right hand side along with a chat box where you can ask that visitor a specific question.

Pretty powerful stuff if you operate a sales focused website where the visitor may need some assistance while on your site.

So what does this look like from the visitors perspective?

I typed in “How can I help you?” in the ‘Start chat’ box in the backend and the chat box popped up on the page where the visitor was spending their time. This approach would probably make a visitor a bit startled so it makes sense to have the chat box live on the site at all times so the visitor can start a conversation if need be. You can make this happen by ticking a box in the Sales IQ dashboard.

So what else?

The real power with SaaS apps appears when you integrate them with other SaaS apps and this is no different with SalesIQ.

Where did the visitor come from in the first place? It may have been though a Mailchimp marketing campaign, so this will show on SalesIQ and if you do have a conversation with the visitor you can add them to your CRM. So it is indeed a well rounded tool to add to your marketing stack.

It also has to be said that ZOHO offers its own email marketing tool as well as its own CRM tool, so building your marketing stack from one supplier has become a whole lot easier.

Click here for a full list of Sales IQ integrations


This review was conducted with a free version of SalesIQ, obviously there will be more power in the paid version but I did find this version very useful.

The real power also comes in knowing this is one of over 40 digital apps supplied by ZOHO which can work seamlessly together to drive your online marketing.

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