Which marketing tools are your competitors using to get ahead?


There are thousands of marketing tools that can be integrated into your website, so which ones should you use?

A good place to start is working out which tools your competitors or other companies that you admire use, but how do you do that?

You can find out for free using a tool called Builtwith.com.

When you paste in a website URL into the Builtwith website it returns a list of all the tools that are connected to that website.

You will instantly see a long list of tools which are being used on or are connected to this website. A lot of the tools being used will mean nothing to you and are part of the hosting package used by your webspace provider. However, scrolling down the list can reveal the nuggets you are looking for including –

– Which Content Management System is being used

– Which ecommerce platform is being used

– How are credit card payments collected

– Is Facebook Pixel installed to allow retargeted Facebook advertising

– Which email marketing platform is used to manage email lists – Mailchimp, Active Campaign, etc.

– Which membership tools are used to manage an online community

– Which analytical tools are used, such as – 

HotJar  – a heatmap, survey, feedback and funnel application

Leadfeeder – website visitor tracking software

The results can be quite surprising and give you a good insight as to how other companies use software tools to assist their marketing activities. Give it a go!

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