Why I built ‘Cullenskink.com’


Yes, it’s an experiment, but an experiment with a few variables and reasons behind its creation.

“Cullen Skink?”

Cullen Skink is basically a fish soup made with smoked fish, potatoes, onion and cream/milk which was created in the small town of Cullen in the North East of Scotland.

I was born and raised 5 miles away from Cullen in a similar sized town slightly further east, called Portsoy. So the connection is strong.

But more importantly the recipe has gone fairly global and a staple option on many restaurant menus.

Many Celebrity Chefs have concocted their own versions of the recipe and you can find it worldwide now.

And Yes I love it.

So why build a website?

I will regularly check domain names just to see if there is any content on the site, more out of curiosity than anything.

I checked cullenskink.com only to find it was unregistered, so my brain started churning…Is it worth registering?

A little more checking revealed that there were about 25,000 monthly searches for ‘cullen skink’ ‘cullen skink soup’ and ‘cullen skink recipe’.

I thought this would be an interesting exercise with monetisation potential along with being a great SEO experiment.

So I went for it.

I built a basic WordPress site and collected and added several different recipes including some Celebrity Chef videos.

All in all I created 26 pieces of content which comprised – 

  • Details of the Cullen Skink Word Championships (yes, there is)
  • Sources to buy speciality smoke haddock
  • 7 different recipes.
  • Where to get the best restaurant made versions.

Tools used

Hello theme
WP Recipe Maker


Currently tracking it to see how high it ranks on Google without too much content creation or intervention.

Possibly create a newsletter which will deliver 7 recipes over 7 months using MailerLite.

Create a download of 20 smoked fish recipes and sell for $5.

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